Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy new year!! Well belated happy new year, anyway. Long time, no blog.

The past month and a half have been kind of crazy. With travel and a case that's going warp speed, things have been kind of hectic. This past weekend was my birthday. The day was pretty chill. I went out with friends which was fun. I got a lot of calls, emails, and text messages which gave me the warm fuzzies. Talking to friends and family is actually the best present ever.

Work is going well. I can't believe I've been here 5 months. It's kind of flown by. I'm still 100% staffed on my case. Bridgespan (and many other consulting firms) uses a 50-50% staffing model. That means that you're often staffed on two cases. At Bridgespan our training model eases new consultants into 50-50% staffing. The case I'm on is a bit of a beast so I'm still 100%. The prospect of being on two cases is kind of scary, so I'm glad to still just be on one case.

Tonight I'm in LA. I just missed the crazy winter weather they had here last week - now things are serene and characteristically sunny. I'm getting to work more with the client, which is cool. I'm also working more on the content of the strategy (before I was working mainly on org stuff), which is REALLY cool. It's so interesting to talk about strategies and approaches that can transform peoples lives. Our client is working with some of the most vulnerable and marginalized segments of our society. They approach systems change holistically, which is unique and an extremely powerful way to approach this work. It's fulfilling to get to work on these issues.


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