Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Oh my... will this stress never end? I truly thought the hardest part about this whole thing would be putting together an application, but I have to say waiting is much worse.

So even though I know it's bad for my self esteem, I was hanging around the Business Week Forum trying to get some info on this whole Stanford application business. When you submit your application to Stanford, you get a confirmation "we got you application" email, which I have received. Apparently, there is a second email that confirms which round you are in and that your application is under review. I have not received the under review email, and it is causing me a lot of stress. Someone pointed out that if your junk email filters are set the email might end up as spam. A couple of mass messages didn't get through from UT so I'm not certain if this happened to my Stanford email or if it hasn't been reviewed yet. GRRRR. That's all I can say, GRRRR.

What's a worrier to do?

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