Monday, December 01, 2003

I have a cautionary tale for all those who are sneakily applying for grad school like me. I was filling out one of those many online pre-applications that are part of this entire process, and it asked for a reference. So, I put down my ex-boss who left the company this summer. Well out of courtesy, I sent her a quick email just in case they contact her. I forgot that my company still has her mailbox open, and I pressed send without checking which email came up.

Now, you are probably saying, "Well, outlook prompts you when a person has more than one address, right?" Well, tell that to outlook, please! It sent the message about the reference to my old boss' old work email, and then the message was automatically forwarded to my boss. That's right. TO MY CURRENT BOSS - beyond the reaches of message recall and other fancy tools. Email can be very dangerous.

And on top of my email snafu, I have heard nothing from Stanford. Not one interview invite. Let's just hope the holidays have interfered with an expeditious interview request.

And I still have recommendations to get, and six essays to write. I will be so-ooo happy when I done with all of this...

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