Wednesday, December 10, 2003

In the interest of equal time, I thought I'd write about why I like Stanford (even if they still have asked to be graced with an interview with me - at least not yet).

Why Stanford- Their Public Management Program is awesome. I like that you can a certificate in nonprofit management. Stanford's Center for Social Innovation also has some great research on the field and is full of resources (check out the "Stanford Social Innovation Review"). Stanford's Loan Forgiveness program ROCKS. There are no caps on the amount forgiven, and you can apply as soon as you start working in the nonprofit sector. Stanford also has an internship fund (interestingly the salaries earned by those using the fund is almost 50% greater than what I make now. ) The school is well connected with the "venture philanthropy" world, which is similar to the work I'm doing now.

And did I mention the weather? I've almost met my lifetime quota for snow, so near perfect weather would be a welcome change. The class size is also appealing. Not so big that I might just be a number, and not so small that I might be joining a cult ( Much love to the Tuckies :)- don't worry if it weren't for all that damn snow, I'd be right in Hanover drinkin' the kool-aid with you ). And they have a Texas Club, and what's not to love about that?!

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