Thursday, December 18, 2003

It has been a super crazy week at work. I had so many deadlines flying at me, I had little time to devote to my applications.

I did get a chance to do an evaluation with Graham at Clear Admit. He was extremely helpful, and he helped to assure me that I'm not insane to apply to some of the top schools (hanging out on the BW Forums can erode your GMAT esteem!). We went over my resume and my goals. Graham's a Wharton grad so he told me a bit about his experience, and pointed me to a few people that I could speak to about admissions.

I'm seriously thinking about using an admissions consultant for my essays. My Stanford and UT essays were reviewed by some critical friends and family, but I think the timeline is too tight to rely on them this time. So I might use a consultant. But I'm not sure yet.

Wharton R1 decisions come out tomorrow at 9 AM and the S2S Board is all a tizzy. I sincerely hope we don't see behavior like that seen from of the R1-no interview dingees. That was ridiculous.

No word from Stanford. It's somewhat pitiful the number of times I check my email everyday hoping that I will see an email from Stanford. I actually resorted to sending an email to myself to ensure my email account was working. And of course it's working.

My "gut feeling" about an interview request wasn't so far off though. I have an interview tomorrow for a new job. The job sounds really interesting, and I'm well qualified. I'm not sure how I feel about starting somewhere new when I might have to leave in seven months. But then again I might not get into any schools and if I pass up on this opportunity AND don't get in anywhere, I'll be VERY pissed at myself. Oh if only I had a crystal ball...

And thanks for the shout out, PowerYogi - I'm honored!

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