Thursday, December 11, 2003

Last (but certainly not least - well, not really), Why I like University of Michigan's Business School.

Once again, its one of the top schools in the Beyond Grey Pinstripes publication. I especially like that many of the core classes integrate "social responsibility" principles into their curriculum. And I like that the social responsibility themes go beyond ethics. Another aspect I like is the Multidisplanary Action Project, AKA "MAP." MAP gives students a hands-on experience in businesses around the globe. It's like a medical residency, but for business students. Students choose what type of project to work on and some students have worked with nonprofits in the past. I also like UM's orientation program, the Leadership Development Program. This program includes working in some of the distressed communities in Michigan, like Detroit, in an effort to inspire "global citizenship" among its students. Michigan has extensive course offerings, particularly in Business Economics and Public Policy. UMBS also has a Loan Forgiveness program and several internship funds. I think the Nonprofit and Public Management Center may send some students to DC to study Business and Public Policy during the summer before summer internships, although I couldn't confirm it.

Beyond the plethora of stuff for nonprofits, I really like the schools innovative and empowered atmosphere. I DON'T like that it snows crazy amounts there - which may result in me not applying there. For now it still on my list.

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