Tuesday, December 30, 2003

So I'm in hyper essay mode. I want to submit my Wharton application a few days before the January 8th deadline, so I have about a week to get it together. Both of my recommendations have been submitted, so it just comes down to the essays. I think the essays are in decent shape, but I still need to refine them.

My consortium essays still need A LOT of work. Because I have to submit so much of that application offline (including a stinking picture - what's up with that?) I should finish that package by January 10 to ensure the package gets to the Consortium office by the January 15th deadline. (This is because I'm cheap and would prefer to send the package priority mail instead of Fed Ex.)

So basically I have a little over a week to finish everything. (!!!) So some cuts need to be made. That means no admission consultant - I don't have enough time, and my essays aren't in a place where it would be useful exercise yet. AND I won't be applying to Michigan, Darden, or Tuck. I don't have enough time to craft a well thought out essays for these schools, and I'm not totally sold on them yet. So for this year (and let's hope there's no next year) I'm only applying to Stanford, UT, and Wharton. Maybe if I feeling inspired and fluent, I may eek out a Michigan essay - but it's a weak maybe. I may apply to UNC in their fourth round, but I'm not sure yet. If I get into any of the three schools I'm definitely applying to, I'll be happy.

I guess I know what I'll be doing on my days off this week....

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