Monday, December 08, 2003

This weekend was all about my applications. I secured three of four recommenders. I have one other option if the fourth doesn't come through, but if I can't get this person either, I'll have to *shudder* ask my boss. (She never brought up my email faux pas, so the fact that I'm applying to schools is still unspoken.)

I plowed through the first draft on four essays. Now I just have to do eight more... Yeah. I have exactly one month to get these applications together. Wharton is due January 8 and the UT/Consortium is due January 15. It's gonna be a fun month!

I've decided not to apply to Tuck. I think its a great program, and the nonprofit concentration is one of the best. I really like the close-knit atmosphere. Tuckies seem to be one of the tightest groups out there. And I like that admissions looks at the humanity of its applicants. It seems like my kind of place.

But Tuck is truly smack dab in the MIDDLE of no where. And its in the COLD middle. I really don't want to spend the next two years of my life in a frozen tundra. So this weekend I seriously started to rethink applying to Tuck. But what sealed the deal, you ask. IT SNOWED FOUR FREAKIN FEET THIS WEEKEND IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!! That's just too much damn snow.

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