Friday, January 09, 2004

Do you hear that whooshing sound? It's the collective sigh of relief of the R2 applicants to Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, Tuck, and Michigan. Good Luck everyone!

All my recs and transcripts are in hand finally! I sent my supplemental info off to UT, and I am approaching the finish line for my consortium application. I have good drafts on the four main essays - I just need to proofread them in a couple days. I also need to draft two one page essays about my other two (still undetermined!) consortium schools. I don't think this will take too much time, though.

One annoying thing I have to do is trek to my local Walmart or Sears to get a portrait done so I can submit a 2X2 picture of me in business attire with my consortium application. How bizarre is that?! I may just submit a picture of Minnie Mouse to protest this practice. I think it's kind of unethical to ask for a picture before admissions decisions - but hey, that's just me. In the guise to Public Enemy, I feel I must "Fight the Power!!!" I mean WHY do they need my picture? What does what I look like have to do with the quality of my application? I mean, the nerve!

But since I know we have to submit pictures for school IDs, I guess I'll give into the demands of "the system." I'll save my dismay and horror for another day.

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