Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I finally tracked down a UT alum willing to interview me. UT has this database of volunteer alumni who are willing to interview applicants in their area. On my third try, I finally got a response. The database sends a pre-formatted message to the alum. Well get this - the database had this guy's first name wrong. How tacky is that? Hopefully, he'll realize it was an auto message, and he won't think I'm an idiot.

Wharton interview invites have begun to trickle out. I haven't received one, but I'm not stressed about it yet. Alex Brown said on the S2S that the bulk of the invitations will go out in February. So no worries there... yet.

I am worried about my Consortium application. They still haven't processed any of my materials. They haven't even processed my official GMAT score, which I sent in DECEMBER. I'm trying not to panic, but they aren't the most organized bunch. I was reading old consortium threads on the BW Forum and there were quite a few instances where the consortium made mistakes and didn't send applications to the appropriate schools. Based on my limited interaction with the Consortium, I totally believe those claims. There are several versions of instructions, and each says slightly different things. It's kind of annoying. I'm giving them until February 2 before I call and see what's going on.

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