Thursday, January 22, 2004

If a watched pot never boils, does a watched MBA application never result in an acceptance? Despite telling myself I would not obsess, I found myself checking my email several times today just to see if a Wharton invite awaited me. I think I need to join ECA - Email Checkers Anonymous.

And I may not be done with applications. I may apply for another scholarship, so that means more essay writing. (AND another stinkin' picture - what is with these people?!) The only good thing is this scholarship allows generic recommendations, and the essay is more topical and less "please expose your soul in 500 words or less." I'm really burnt out on the whole application thing, but I just can't let my laziness keep me from applying for free money. It's not due until April, so I could conceivably start it in a month and still have plenty of time.

Ugh - I thought I was done... Oh well!

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