Monday, January 12, 2004

In a come-from-behind-didn't-see-it-coming way reminiscent of Seabiscuit, NYU has emerged as one of the schools I'm applying to through the consortium. I decided to do some intense research on the "other" consortium schools since I wasn't as familiar with them. While NYU does not have an exceptionally strong nonprofit program, it does have elements (like nonprofit consulting group and developing loan forgiveness program) that could help the school develop a great program. And what I'm really looking anyway for is a solid program with some focus on nonprofits. I think that desire could be satisfied at NYU. So its UT, NYU, and Michigan in the consortium. I have polish my essays, and then I'm good to go.

Well, almost good to go. I had an appointment at my local friendly Walmart to get my picture taken for my consortium application (insert snarky comment here). When I went to start my car, it was so friggin' cold (4 degrees - that's right one-two-three-four degrees) that my car wouldn't start. And mind you, this was mid morning, so I can only imagine how cold it was the night before. So I had to cancel my appointment, and the next one available is during the midday today. I'm sorry but I'm not taking off work to get a picture taken that I don't think should need to be taken in the first place. I plan on calling the consortium to see if they need the picture with the rest of the application. Hopefully they will not.

And the big countdown for the mighty Stanford ding has begun. We have four more days for interview invites to go out. This is going to be one long set of four days...

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