Monday, January 19, 2004

Isn't it amazing how this process can make a person completely irrational. Despite the fact that I haven't been interviewed for Stanford, this fantasy keeps running through my head.

Me: "Hello"
DB: "Hello, may I please speak to FMG?"
Me: "This is she"
DB: "FMG, this is Derrick Bolton calling from Stanford."
Me: "Really?! Are you kidding me?"
DB: "No, FMG, I'm not kidding you. I'm calling you to congratulate you on your acceptance into Stanford's class of 2006."
Me: "Really?! No way! OH MY GO... Wait. I didn't interview. How could I be admitted."
DB: "Well we knew your birthday was the day before decision day, and we thought we'd surprise you. We apologize for making you wait and that we never invited you for an interview. But you had such a great profile, we felt like we didn't need to interview you. Isn't this a great birthday present?"
Me: "This is the best birthday ever!"

Okay, so I'm delusional. My goal is to stay away from the BW Forums as people get their acceptance calls tomorrow and Wednesday. It will be too depressing to know I'm getting a ding. But congratulations to everyone who is accepted to Stanford. I'm not jealous. Noooo. No sour grapes here. No way. No how.

Do I sound convincing?

Good Luck everyone!

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