Thursday, January 29, 2004

It was a long day at work today. Last year, my organization laid off 10% of the staff because of a pending operating deficit. Well, this morning at 9 AM, we had a staff meeting where management told us if we don't meet certain goals then more cuts are to come. They have this file on the company server that outlines what the goals are and who will be cut if the goals aren't met. Someone asked "Now we know the negative consequences if we don't meet our goals. What incentives are there if we exceed these goals?" Management responded, "Well, you get to keep doing good work. And that's what you get paid for." Isn't that a great attitude? Very motivating. I'm sure morale shot through the roof after that statement. Basically the bosses said today, "Please quit your job." To all the future MBAs out there that want to manage people, please don't disrespect professionals by saying "that's what your peanut salary is for" when they ask about incentives. Hello - turnover costs you money!

Speaking of quitting my job, I've thinking a lot about what I'll do if I don't get into any schools this year. I think I'll quit, move to the Caribbean, and start an advice column. I think my advice would be good as some of the yahoos giving it out free. I'm highly opinionated and I constantly give out advice to family and friends (although it often goes unheeded). I can see it now: "Dear Future MBA Girl, my bosses just said I should quit my job. What should I do?" "Dear Clueless, GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!!! They are about to FIRE you! Even if they don't, this is not a good place to work. Get out while you still can."

Hmmm. Maybe I should learn to heed my own advice....

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