Thursday, January 15, 2004

It's Stanford Pre-Ding Day!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

The end is imminent and it seems my hopes will be dashed. C'est la vie, I suppose. Everything happens for a reason, and if I get a ding from Stanford, I guess it means I was not meant to go there. I still would have liked the opportunity to interview though.

And that makes me think a little about this school fit thing. How do you really know you'll fit into a school? I mean you can visit, you can talk to students and alums, but will you really know? How can you know unless you are fully immersed in the experience of the school? I think I would fit in my top three picks, but am I in the position to judge that objectively? I guess only time will tell - if an adcom finally agrees that I fit into their school and accepts me into the Class of 2006, I guess that will be a sign that I've made the right choices.

I submitted my Consortium application this morning. It was the first application I submitted on the due date. I was up until 1 AM working on it. Oh and I got my picture and sent it off. And I'm still really pissed off about it. At the Wharton Chat last night (which was entertaining once again - you should check it out) there was some agreement about the stinkiness of the picture request. And on top of the ethical problems I have with the Consortium's request, I was having a slight bad hair day on picture day, and I don't like my picture. All I can say is, Grrrrr.

I still have to do final proofs on my Michigan and NYU essays and send them out this afternoon. And then I'll be done. And that my friends, is something to be happy about.

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