Monday, January 05, 2004

My UT (hook 'em!) application is in the can. UT uses this online system that lets you apply to multiple Texas schools at once (because Texas is a world unto itself!), and the system is somewhat archaic, clunky, and awkward. So, unlike every other online application on the planet, I have to compile my supplemental info (resume, recs, transcript, etc), attach a tracking piece of paper to each item and mail the package in. I've been done with this application for sometime, but I had to wait for my recs.

I'm in the final stretch. I have two consortium essays and some edits, and then basically I'll be finished. I'm tired of writing essays so after my consortium package is complete, I think I'm done for this year.

It's very weird being almost done with the application process - I won't have anything to obsess about that's in my control. Most of my spare time was spent on crafting essays and learning about schools. It's strange to be reaching a point where I've done all I can do. It will be completely out of my hands in a few days. I feel like I'm going through introspection withdrawal.

But then again there's the interview. AND I might have to do the whole thing again if I don't get in somewhere. Ugh...

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