Thursday, January 08, 2004

Round Two deadlines approacheth!

Stanford's R2 deadline was Tuesday and Wharton's is today at 5 PM eastern time. Good Luck everyone applying! T minus 9 hours....

I popped into the Wharton chat last night. Wharton hosts a chat every Wednesday night at 6 PM eastern time. It's usually very lighthearted, and a great place to ask questions too.

My parents have logged their votes about my consortium apps: "You better apply to other schools." Got to love the parental units for their unfaltering "waste not, want not" mantra. While they both agree with my reasons for deciding not to apply to Tuck ("That's a lot of snow..."), my dad balked at my concern about UM. "Well if 50% are placed in the Midwest, then 50% are placed outside of the Midwest. Apply to Michigan." He has a valid "glass is half full" kind of point.

On a side note: I got a call from the company I interviewed with a couple of weeks back. Like the Soup Nazi on Seinfield, the recruiter said "No job for you!!" They hired someone internally, which makes me believe external interviewing was just a legal formality. Drat and double drat! At least I got a chance to practice my interviewing skills. C'est la vie!

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