Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Buses seem to attract crazy people. On my way to the dentist, two seriously deranged individuals got on the bus and ranted and raved for 20-30 blocks. All I kept thinking was, please don't let them start talking to me. 9 times out of ten - the crazy talkers plop themselves next to me and start rambling. Yesterday I was spared - perhaps because God knew I was headed for the dentist. Dentist + Crazies would have been totally unfair.

My Michigan application went complete over the weekend, so all my application materials are received and accounted for. I read on the BW Forum that both NYU and Michigan like to interview their consortium applicants themselves, so I may have two more interview invites to be anxious about. I'm not that nervous about Michigan and NYU because they are not my top choices, but nonetheless, interview invitations would be a positive sign about my candidacy overall.

I also read on the BW that I could hear about UT in the next weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll feel MUCH better once I have at least one acceptance in hand.

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