Thursday, February 05, 2004

I had my UT interview today. It went MUCH better than my first try. It seems UT has a standard set of questions. 1) Why MBA/ Why McCombs/ Why now? 2) Tell me about a professional setback. 3) Talk about a group experience. 4) What is your strong/ weak point? I knew the questions ahead of time (thanks to the BW Forum and my "practice" interview in November), so I felt like I sounded more coherent and articulate this time.

My alumni interviewer was very good. Unlike my November interview, he asked lots of follow-up questions and seemed engaged in what I had to say. The hardest question was the "Talk about a group experience" question because I was at a total loss of what they were trying to gauge. The question was way too open ended. On the strong point question, I answered something that was obvious and he followed up with, "Well what is your strong point that is evident by your resume?" My answer to that follow up was a lot better than my original answer. He did a really good job of getting a multidimensional picture of me. My interview took about 45 minutes.

So all in all I'm pleased with my performance. I only have to wait and see what the verdict is. Hook 'em Horns!

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