Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I want to send a shout out to Mark and Jie, the new kids on the MBA App Blog Block. Thanks to Chunky Pitbull and Harry Potter, I read this blog for the first time today. First of all, welcome to the fold. But I have to agree with Chunky, however; your good fortune is somewhat nauseating - but in a good way! Can't help but be a bit envious. But since you are a Texan (and a Houstonian), you get extra cool points from me.

I've been trying to be more motivated to prepare for my NYU interview this weekend. I'm still a bit miffed by their insistence that people interview on campus. It gets me all riled up - it's seems so unfair to international students. But a girl who puts all her eggs in one basket is a girl who ends up with egg on her face. From what I'm able to glean from the BW Forum and from the interview reviews on accepted.com, the questions should be pretty standard. NYU interviewers have seen your application, so the questions are more tailored to your background. I've also read that they may ask Why NYU over Columbia. Now that's another point in the inferiority complex column if you ask me. I didn't even apply to Columbia, and I have no clue how to answer that question. Columbia wasn't even on my radar, so I wouldn't be able to compare the schools. I plan to answer the question by focusing on why I like NYU and will not focus on Why I don't like Columbia. I think the crew over at NYU needs to reassess a bit.

And shout out to Jeamish, a Wharton R1 admit. Hopefully, like you and Hella, I will soon join the ranks of the Whartonites.

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