Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I've been feeling very guilty lately because I haven't told my bosses that I applied to business school. Hopefully in April I'll have a couple of offers in hand. But I still won't be able to tell my bosses. You see, they have this plan for lay-offs, and I fear telling them in the Spring that I'm leaving could get me an immediate one-way ticket to the unemployment office.

But at the least, I thought I would resign in May, and give like a 6 to 8 week notice. I work on a major project that usually takes place in the summer that's really important to the field I work in. The organization would be really stretched without me.

But everyone I know who knows I've applied has screamed, "Don't you DARE give more than two weeks notice!! Do you want to get fired?" And logically I know they are right. No one is irreplaceable - not even your friendly neighborhood Future MBA Girl. The organization would be stretched, but they would get the work done. It would happen without me. But I just feel wrong about only giving two weeks. While I won't be burning a bridge, I feel like I'll be putting a big ole pothole in with that short a notice.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm feeling guilty NOW, given I haven't even gotten in to any business schools yet. But who would FMGirl be without the angst?

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