Thursday, February 19, 2004

Let the guilt begin. I had my annual goal setting meeting today. Much of the discussion centered on how much supervision I would be able to provide an MBA intern this summer. Even though I'm not in anywhere yet, it was all I could do to blurt out, "Please don't make any major plans that hinge on me for the summer." Oh well - que sera sera. I guess it's prudent to make plans like I'm going to be here. And I'm determined not to give more than a months notice. But even if I don't get in anywhere, I have every intention on leaving. I believe my life will start anew one way or another this fall. Hopefully it will be in business school.

Some of the MBA Bloggers got sad news from Wharton today. I know all of y'all will end up in great programs this fall. And I completely understand how you feel. Good Luck with your other outstanding apps.

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