Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My day at Wharton was awesome. I'm surprisingly tired, but still very excited about the school. I started my day in the MBA Cafe and chatted with some current students. I spent some time with DH who helped me with the mock interviews.

At 12:45 I had my interview. I'm pleased with my performance. There was one point I forgot, but I think I can sneak it in my thank you note. It was a pretty laid back interview focused on getting to know me. The questions were pretty standard, the Whys, talk about teamwork, leadership, resume walk through, etc. The questions on this post on the S2S are a good place to get practice questions.

After my interview, I observed a class on Macroeconomics and Public Policy with Professor Abel. The class atmosphere was suprisingly laid back. People were eating, drinking, and came and went freely. The class was reviewing for an exam tomorrow (which will be open book, open note, AND open laptop - school sure has changed since I was there last!). I understood everything until they started talking about consumption smoothing. All I could think was "huh?" One thing I did walk away with was if the government wants to stimulate consumption, it should give tax breaks to those with limited or constrained borrowing capacity. Who would that be? Lower income people - the people who the most recent tax breaks ignored for the most part. But I digress.

I followed up my class with part of the info session (I was late - sorry Alex!), which was run by Alex Brown, the omnipresent adcom on the S2S. I can now replace the virtual voice that I heard in my head with his real voice! Three students came in after Alex left and answered questions. And my way out of the building I saw someone who I went to undergrad with.

So it was a very full day. I was able to talk to at least a dozen students, and most of them have jobs and internships lined up already. The students were extremely friendly and very laid back. None of them took themselves too seriously. As always, they had this air of humility that you don't find at many business schools. It was really refreshing. The whole experience made me want to attend Wharton even more. Now all I have to do is wait for decisions on March 25. I'm hoping for good news!

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