Thursday, February 26, 2004

Went to the dentist today and found out I have to get a root canal next week. Whoopee.

I'm starting to worry about my UT application. It's been three weeks since I interviewed. Texas has rolling admissions so people have been getting acceptances 2-4 weeks after their interviews. What if I get a ding? Even though I'm totally in love with Wharton, I recognize that it's somewhat of a long shot. I haven't seriously considered the possibility that I may not be going to school in the fall. I need to develop a Plan B.

I know! Maybe I'll apply to the Apprentice II. I'd be much more entertaining than some of the yahoos they have on there now. There's only one week left to apply though. Hmmm, I wonder if the app includes essays asking the applicant to pontificate on what matters most or how appearing on the Apprentice will help them achieve their 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps all these MBA applications have prepared me for my true calling - becoming a semi-celebrity on Reality TV!

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