Monday, March 22, 2004

I had the WEIRDEST anxiety dream this weekend. I dreamt that I was standing in front of the Wharton adcoms a la American Idol. I was fully prepared for the judges/adcoms to rip me to shreds, when they said all these really positive things about me, including a glowing review from an adcom that looked just like Simon Cowell. And then (here's the weird part) I threw away an old bag of french fries and all these mice appear. Big mice, little mice, adult mice, baby mice. They kept leaping on my bed trying to get me. Well then I figured out that if you dump cold water on them, you kill them. So I was running around with this water canister on my back (much like the Ghostbusters) and spraying the mice with ice water. Weird, huh?

Well, I looked up mice on a dream interpretation site. It seems mice symbolize minor problems that you are spending too much time on (surprise!). But the cool thing is if you kill the mice in your dream, it means you will over come the problem. So maybe my dream means I should stop obsessing, and just wait for the good news on Thursday.

I received scholarship news this weekend. The consortium sent out its decisions, and I was awarded the consortium fellowship at Michigan. This is huge, because as a poor nonprofiteer, I have virtually no money and without significant support an MBA would be pretty much out of reach. I was also awarded a half tuition scholarship at NYU, which is cool.

I'm thinking that NYU may not be the place for me though. Stern is just developing its nonprofit focus. The Net Impact and Nonprofit Association are relatively new. One of the ideas for the 2004 class gift was to establish a loan forgiveness program, but the word on the street is that there is some resistance to a program like that. Also nonprofit organizations do not currently recruit at Stern (although they are working on that issue). Loan forgiveness and the ability to find a job after graduation are two major deciding factors for me, so when you factor in that I would still have to take out significant debt ($40K in the first year alone), NYU moves down on my list. It would have been cool to be hanging out in Greenwich Village for two years though.

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