Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I really hope the Wharton adcoms move up the decision date. I'm starting to have anxious dreams about the process. On S2S, Fanantical Fan explained the process applications go through before interview invites. Apparently, two readers rate independently rate applications 1-6, with 1 being "walks on water" and 6 being "admit this person over my dead body." Applications receiving ratings 1-3 are invited to interview. I'm not sure if the interviewers rate the applicants but in my dream they did. In my dream I saw the ratings on my application I got a 1, 3, and a 6! So I was dinged! It was horrible!! The dream ended with a close encounter of the nice kind with The Rock (you know, the wrestler), so I can't say the dream was all that bad...

Shout out to R, a new blogger - Thanks for reading my blog. A special thank you to Yogi and Harry for giving me a heads up to correct my tech stupidity. Thanks for looking out! And check out the new MBA advice blog that Techie started. The idea is the applicant blogging family will share their collective wisdom with future applicants. At this point the only advice I have is what not to do (like do not sing "The Eyes of Texas are upon Us" in your UT interview. And yes I did that. But it was totally in context! Hmm maybe that's why I was dinged...). It will be interesting to see how this blog evolves.

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