Friday, March 05, 2004

Traveling during spring break time is always an adventure. My plane was filled with college and high school ( I KNOW! High School!! UNCHAPERONED!!! I was shocked, too.) kids. As they boarded the plane it filled with the smell of old funky clothes that were bunched in the corner and stale beer. The smell brought me back to my college days! I can't believe I was actually attracted to guys that smelled funky and beery. One of the kids got on the PA system and told all of the passengers to not get too drunk and to not get arrested. Sage advice.

I was also gifted with the dreaded center seat. I hate traveling in coach. The guy next to me was totally in my space - which is just wrong when you have the window seat. And he kept getting up and down. And he kept wiggling. AND he had the nerve to do all this while flying standby!

Second magic world changing wand move - eliminate the middle seat on planes. Or better yet eliminate all obnoxious space stealing wiggling morons who get the window seat.

But I digress. I suppose any flight where you land in one piece is a good flight. So I had a good flight.

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