Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Have you checked out the League of MBA Bloggers lately? Applicant Blogs are reproducing like bunnies! I was shocked by the sheer number - there's even a dentist who's applying. I think it's awesome that so many applicants are blogging. Oh and a special shout out to the Brit Chick. Brit Chick, is a class of 2007 applicant interested in nonprofits. A new chick added to the fold, I love it!!

And Clear Admit had a shout out for the advice blog. Now y'all we've got to step it up and actually post. I did a post about applying on a budget a couple a weeks back, but with all the Wharton celebration (woo hoo - still pretty damn excited!) I forgot to mention it. It would be a shame if we don't keep up the blog. I plan to do posts on the consortium, and scholarship searches. Also once I've mastered the financial aid monster, I'll probably write about that. Funny most of my ideas have to do with money. Does that say something Freudian about me?

I am kind of stressed about financial aid and all the scholarships I'm trying to apply for. I have to fill out so many forms in the next week it's driving me nuts. I'm sorry to whine. I guess that goes to show you should be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. But I am totally overwhelmed. One more month of craziness... right?

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