Friday, April 02, 2004

It's looking like I'll spend the next two years at Wharton. Even though I haven't sent my deposit, I'm pretty much decided. As I think about my choice, I find myself arguing for Wharton more often than not. I seem to find any way to make Wharton the winner, and I think that's saying something. The fit is there with Wharton. I think it would be the best choice for me.

I'm sad about missing some things at Michigan. 1) The money - a full fellowship. That's tough to walk away from. 2) The chance to learn from and work with Professor C.K. Prahalad. Professor Prahalad works to show how businesses can create an economic revolution for the bottom rung. This is the stuff I live for. Seriously, this is the type of work I'm most interested in. Last spring, a group of students worked with Professor Prahalad on the Bottom of the Pyramid Project for their MAP (it's like a residency program for business students). This sounds like a phenomenal opportunity. 3) Living in Ann Arbor. I've lived in the Philadelphia area ever since leaving college. It would be nice to live in a new town, especially one as quaint as Ann Arbor. 4)As far as mascots go, the Wolverines are WAY cooler than the Quakers. (Quakers? Aren't they peace-loving and non-violent? How can you have a peace-loving, non-violent mascot? Aren't mascots supposed to be able to rip the opponent to shreds? But I digress...)

But I'm excited about Wharton. 1)I feel a connection with the Whartonites that I didn't feel anywhere else. 2) Wharton has SO MANY extracurricular activities, I know I will have an avenue to contribute. 3) I believe there are more opportunities for someone interested nonprofit consulting 4)If I'm to be confined to the northern half of the country, I'd prefer it to be a place where it doesn't snow all the damn time - so Philly it is!

On a more pressing note, did y'all see The Apprentice last night?! OMG!!! This was the first episode where the outcome actually surprised me. (See here for a short recap or here for a long - like blow by blow- one .) Literally, my mouth fell open at the end of the show. All I have to say is Kwame needs to thank the Lord for His good grace, because he sure didn't deserve to stay. But I may be overly influenced by editing. But as dmbrat said, I have two words for you, "Oma" and "Rosa." She's ba-ack! Hopefully it will be a good show next week.

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