Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I've been thinking a bit about the Apprentice and Kwame's loss. Last Thursday night after the finale, they interviewed The Donald about his decision. He said Omarosa did Kwame in. So I've been thinking about Kwame's selection of Omarosa and about how he managed her.

Because Kwame picked second, he was doomed to be stuck with Omarosa. But Kwame picked her second - which implies choice. Some have questioned the wisdom of this. I think it was a wise move. Kwame knew Omarosa was crazy and would probably be a complete bitch if she was the last kid chosen on the playground. To mollify her, he made her feel valuable by selecting her second. I think it was pretty smart given the circumstances.

Kwame did fail in his management of Omarosa, which is easy to say in hindsight as a Tuesday Morning Quarterback. But I think what we all fail to remember is that Omarosa is NUTS. Certifiably crazy. A total LOON. Have you ever managed a crazy person? Under the best circumstances, you fire the crazy person. But usually it's not that easy. I think Kwame was stuck between a rock and hard place. He had limited time and limited manpower to get the job done. If he had fired Omarosa, it would have been major DRA-MA. Which would have affected the morale of those left in the wake. And the team would have to pick up the slack of the lost team member. We'll never know if they could have pulled it together and performed better without her. But at the very least, Kwame should have moved Omarosa off of high profile tasks, or at the very least asked Troy to babysit her. Having Troy work with Heidi instead of Omarosa was a mistake.

I actually wrote about a similar situation in one of my Wharton essays. I was on a team where I was responsible for recruiting volunteers and morale (I was the HR person). One of the team members was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. She threw a hammer at someone. That's right. A friggin' HAMMER. At his head. She missed. But I didn't fire her because of the morale thing. At the time, I thought the member had to stay to keep the team cohesive. In hindsight, I realize I was totally wrong. I sooooo should have fired her ass. So I guess that's what should have happened to Omarosa.

Oh, here's a humorous dialog between E-online and FauxMarosa. Or even better, here's a place where you can give the lovely Omarosa a smack. And please save your comments on misogyny. I think this is pretty damn funny.

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