Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Life has been busy. One of my recommenders is running for state representative, and I volunteered today to man the campaign office since its primary day in Pennsylvania. Work has kicked into high gear. I think I realized how little time I have to complete all the major projects on my plate.

And I'm looking for a new apartment. Which I think is kind of fun, actually. In the past 5 years, developers in Philly have redeveloped a slew of historic places into apartments and condos. So there are all these great spaces with great characteristics like, huge windows, lofts, and hardwood floors. I'm enjoying seeing the spaces. I'm looking forward to moving back to the city.

I am a little stressed about my current lease (and any and all opinions are appreciated). You see, last winter my landlord sent my lease extension while I was out of town (I was recovering from surgery in Texas, which is another story entirely) by certified letter. I never picked up the certified letter. I know it was my lease because I've lived here for 5 years and that's how they send the new lease. I also never signed the new lease rider. The lease rider has a clause that says, "if you don't notify us by X date that you are moving out, we will extend your lease 12 months even if you don't sign this rider." Now my father thinks that clause isn't legally sound. He says you can't hold someone to something like a lease without that person's acknowledgement. So my dad thinks I should just notify them that I'm moving and move.

I like my dad's interpretation but I don't want to get sued. I really want to live in the city. It will totally suck to commute to school. What do y'all think?

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