Friday, April 16, 2004

My first day at Wharton's Welcome Weekend was absolutely awesome. Everyone I met was so nice and laid back about their accomplishments. One guy said he published a paper once. Follow up with him and it turns out the publication was about brain function! I'm really enjoying meeting potential classmates. And I've met some of the MBA Bloggers and the S2S regulars. I also ran into half a dozen people that I knew from school, work, etc. That was cool. It seemed every room I walked into had a familiar face.

What I've seen so far has made me want to be at Wharton more. Except the Leadership Venture to Quantico. As part of Wharton's Leadership Development programs, students can go on these experiential learning trips. One of the ventures is to the Marines' Officers Candidate Training in Quantico. They showed us this clip from CNN to explain what the Leadership Venture is (and I think to get us excited by the idea of go on the Venture), and the clip featured students crawling around in the mud going through an obstacle course a la Private Benjamin. Now I'm sorry, but that clip totally turned me off. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to crawl around in the mud for any purpose. I certainly wouldn't pay money to do it. I don't think I'll be going on any Leadership Ventures. Unless the develop a Leadership Venture where you go to Europe and tour museums or something.

But despite that I had a blast. I'm tired now, so I'll write more later. But I'm so ready for preterm to start NOW.

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