Thursday, April 29, 2004

Oooo. I got my Wharton email account today. Now I feel all official. The email isn't active and is in forwarding mode until Pre-term, but creating my account allowed me access to things like MySpike. MySpike is Wharton's internal portal that has a detailed schedule of events, news, and Wharton happenings. For instance, Wharton was just recognized for its excellent Admissions materials by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. (Congrats to Alex and the crew, y'all deserve it.)

Logging onto the portal made me feel even more like a part of the Wharton community. Isn't it funny how something simple can evoke a little swell of emotion?

Speaking of which, logged on to the Blogger League today and was greeted by the new layout. Most of the class of 2006 blogs were moved to their respective school listings. I was a little sad that our blogs are not listed together anymore. It's kind of metaphorical - we're all moving in different directions, and its time to pass the baton to the class of 2007 blogs. But I'm still a little sad. I guess this will finally motivate me to get my bloglines subscriptions together.

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