Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The past two weeks have been absolutely CRAZY. I've had the cold from hell that won't go away, and it has seriously hindered my productivity. Which would be all well and good, if I didn't have scholarship essays to write. Two scholarships are due this week, and all I have written is the outline. I've had a serious case of writers block, and now I'm stressing about the deadline. Add to that two major deadlines at work and the upcoming Wharton Welcome Weekend, and I feel like the world is crashing in on my head.

And I'm starting to have buyer's remors, not that I've bought anything yet. I'm leaving a paying job to go to school - what if I can't find an internship, or worse what if I can't find a job? And what if I can't survive on the grad school budget? What if all I can afford is a loaf a bread and some butter? What if I'm making the wrong decision?

It's totally irrational, I know - but stress causes my anxiety level to go through the roof. The good news is I have so much to do, that I have little time to spend thinking about my various anxieties.

And then there's always the distraction of The Apprentice. There was an article in the Morning News about the "reality" of reality TV that focused on the apartment rental show on The Apprentice. It was an excellent and entertaining read, I recommend it.

Anyway, Thursday night is the big finale on The Apprentice, and it's coming down to Kwame and Bill. I think the winner will be Kwame. I know, I know. Kwame has been doing miserably compared to Bill. But as anyone who watches reality TV knows, the guy that looks like the winner, always comes out the loser (see The Bachelor or Average Joe for examples). It seems Kwame is the underdog on the betting circuit - maybe I'll place a bet. Hey that could be a strategy to raise money for school!

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