Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Apartment shopping continues! The places I'm looking at are so much nicer than my current suburban digs. My apartment was built in the 70s so it has all the accoutrement that go with 70s construction, like ugly bathroom tile and dark cabinets.

The places I'm looking at are all on the historic landmark registry, and all have been converted in the last few years. So we're talking maple hardwood floors, beautiful tile, exposed brick, huge windows. Every apartment I view, I absolutely fall in love with.

And I'm starting to get the hang of the negotiation thing. The key seems to be saying, "Well, there's a couple other places that I'd like to look at before I make my decision." Then they talk about being flexible with the price. Negotiating makes me feel all grown up!!

I keep reading about people studying before classes start. I've decided, I'm not studying one bit before August 4. I figure I'll have plenty of time to study in the next two years. I'd rather waste away my summer watching absolute crap on TV, like Paradise Hotel or the Real World.

Speaking of the Real World (and oh, how ridiculous was Cameran to get pissy about Brad cheating on his girlfriend when she JUST KISSED HIM??!!! But I digress), they are currently shooting the next season in beautiful Philadelphia. In fact the apartments I'm looking at tomorrow are VERY close to the Real World House. Maybe I'll be on camera and get discovered. I'll have to don a cute outfit tomorrow in expectation of my discovery.

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