Tuesday, May 18, 2004

As y'all know, I'm a big fan of the Reality TV genre. One of my guiltier pleasures is the "Real World-Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno." Yesterday they had a flashback episode of the season. I've decided that I need to integrate a phrase from the forthright Coral. "I don't wrestle; I beat bitches up." I need to find a way to use that one.

Oh and did you hear? The Apprentice part deux has started shooting. Apparently, there are 3 Wharton grads in the bunch of Apprentice Wannabes. Trump is such a "Ra-Ra Wharton" man, that I wouldn't be surprised if one of them comes out on top.

There's also this (in my opinion kind of evil) show called Superstar USA. It's this hoax where they con these poor unsuspecting horrible, tuneless singers into believing they can actually sing. This seems a little too mean - and hell, we may end up with a slew of William Hungs crooning "She Bangs" if we aren't careful!

I'm looking forward to the Casino, which follows two dot.com millionaires who buy a casino in Vegas and run it. My hotelie roots make me extremely interested in this one. There's also a search for an action movie actor on the Next Action Star.

And there's the old standbys - The Amazing Race and Big Brother (which I think may still be casting - all you people taking an extended vaca before school this may be your calling!) Ohhh and For Love or Money is back.

Ah - this is going to be a great summer for the mindless drivel of reality TV. I LOVE IT!!

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