Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I love personality tests. This one is very quick and dirty.

I'm an INFP - although I used to be an ENFP. Maybe having a somewhat jealous boyfriend turned me from and E to and I. Maybe I'll be an E again now that I'm single.

I got a curious phone call Friday. We have direct dial at work, and someone called me asking for the human resources department. I said we didn't have a human resources department, and asked if I could help the person. She (rather curtly) asked for the payroll department. I transferred her to the payroll person and noted the number on the caller ID. The number was in the 615 area code, and since Kroll (the company doing the Wharton background checks) is in the 615 area code, I think they have started verifying my application. Cool.

My Toigo Interview went well, I think. I had a hard time tracking down information about the Toigo Interview so, I'll write more later about it later. Decisions come out this week - how's that for a quick turn around? One of the current Toigo fellows I spoke with last week said positive decisions came out on Sunday and Monday after the interviews last year. I haven't heard anything so, things are looking grim. If I don't get this fellowship though, it may be for the best. If awarded a Toigo fellowship you have to rescind your other fellowships. If you ask me that blows, especially since Toigo is only $5,000. I just wish they were upfront about that - I would have saved the application fee.

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