Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I put down the deposit on the apartment this weekend. I made several errors during this process. I've only lived in two apartments in my life and the first one, my parents negotiated my lease. So I did some dumb things this weekend, like put down the deposit without seeing the lease. I just didn't think about it. And now I think I'm screwed.

The leasing agent called me yesterday, and asked, "When did you want to move in?" I said July. She said, "I can't hold it that long. The latest I can hold it is June 15." June 15 as in 3 weeks from today. I told her no one told me that I would have to move in within three weeks and that when I came to look at the apartments I told them I wanted to move in July or August. I have to call her today to see what I can negotiate. So much for a contract being mutually beneficial.

I received a big package from Wharton this weekend. It included a couple of action items in it. I have to take a self assessment test, I think by the end of June to determine what classes I should take during pre-term. I don't think I'll waive any classes, but I may try to place in the turbo accounting class. No need to spend an entire semester reviewing what a debit and a credit is. The packet also had forms for your doctor to fill out your immunization/ disease record. I've had dozens of doctors - do they all have my entire medical record or do I need to track all that down? My mom is a nurse and she has all the records so maybe she can fill it out.

I need a master check off/ to-do list for all the stuff that needs to be done to matriculate. I have this nagging feeling that I've done things out of order or I've forgotten something. The Wharton Matriculation Checklist said to do Entrance Counseling for the loans and to sign the Master Promissory Note before the end of the month. So I did. I just don't know if I was supposed to or if I did it out of order. I'm not sure what I have to do next. I'm so confused!

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