Friday, May 07, 2004

Just in case you didn't know, Friends had it's last show last night. If you didn't know, it's understandable; it's not like the media paid any attention to the series finale.

OMG!! Can you believe the crazy amounts of coverage this got? I'm somewhat dismayed that the Friends Finale got more airtime than the burgeoning Iraqi prison scandal. Ahh, life in America - where priorities are often screwed up!

I received my preliminary financial aid award letter yesterday. It's official - I'm poor!! I qualified for a Perkins Loan. I'm not really shocked. I'm always saying I don't have any money. Now I have something that backs me up! Got to love what working at a nonprofit for a few years does to a person's financial well being.

I have an interview tomorrow morning for one of the fellowships I applied for. I have to be in New York by 8:30 AM, which means I need to catch a 6 AM train, which means I'm getting up before the butt crack of dawn tomorrow. The fellowship is from the Toigo Foundation, and according to my sources, the interview is a bit intense. I haven't prepared very much for the interview, so I know what I'll be doing tonight!

More apartment shopping in Old City today. The leasing agent for the apartments I'm seeing today kind of had an attitude when I called to set up an appointment. She kept sighing like I was getting on her nerves, and all I did was ask to see the apartments. What is up with these leasing people? I just don't get the attitude. If you don't like showing apartments, then get another freakin' job. Hopefully I just caught her on a bad day. Cranky people who work in customer service fields really chap my hide!

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