Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Some people annoy me.

Like the people who are less than 10 feet away from a trash can and then they still throw the wrapper of the free candy they just got from the guy on the corner on the ground. That's triflin'

Or the guy at the leasing office who kept telling me to "call back in 15 mins" when I told him I was interested in leasing an apartment. Hello, moron! I'm trying to give your company money!!

Or the SEPTA Bus Driver, who when asked to lower the bus on a rainy day when I was still on crutches, looked at me sideways and growled, "you need to get used to being on those crutches." Well thanks for the comments from the peanut gallery, now lower the damn bus.

Oh and the lawyer on the Today Show who tried to JUSTIFY violations of the Geneva Convention when dealing with Iraqi Prisoners of War. Niiice.

And people who begin their blatantly bigoted statements with,"I'm not trying to be racist/sexist/whatever-ist but..." and then they say something straight out of the Klan Handbook. Guess what, you might not have been trying but you hit 100% on the bigot meter.

And stupid people who even though they see that the elevator call button is pushed, they think if they push the button every two seconds, the elevator will come faster. Cool your jets and relax. Your OCD is getting on my nerves.

And the woman in my office who balked because I'm bringing biscuits for the potluck baby shower in our office. Look I don't have to bring $@%#. Be glad I'm popping the pillsbury biscuits in the oven for you greedy people.

Ya. Sometimes people annoy me...

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