Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sometimes obstacles prevent us from choosing the wrong course.

This week has been incredibly stressful. On Tuesday I contacted my landlord at my existing apartment to see about breaking my lease. She told me someone needed the apartment immediately and that if I could get out by June 1, they would release me from the lease. I was excited (but stressed) and contacted the new apartment about moving this weekend. The new apartment leasing agent (after a day of my calling her every hour) said that would be doable, but they had to check my credit still (which I assumed they had already done since they were nagging me about moving in by June 15).

Now my credit isn't stellar. I made a series of BAD financial decisions in college that sent me deep into debt. My credit still has pock marks on it because of stuff I did 6 or 7 years ago. Despite this I wasn't to worried. My last check of my credit wasn't too bad. I have a high % of debt but everything was current. And even if there was a problem, my parents said they could co-sign, and the company's website said they allowed co-signers. So I wasn't too worried. But I had a lot to do to be able to pull off a move in less than a week.

Well I didn't get the apartment. And frankly I'm surprised and a little embarrassed. I think the combination of less than perfect credit, my impending student status, and the fact that I'm breaking my lease (after 5.5 years mind you) may have done me in. I even asked if I could provide a co-signer and was told, "not on that apartment." I'm still surprised - the rent was totally affordable.

So the apartment search continues. I guess the one good thing is I do have a place to stay in the area if all apartment management companies find me undesirable. It would SUCK having to commute to Wharton though. The trains/buses to the suburbs are not that frequent at night. For example, the other night, I just missed catching the 8 PM train and I didn't get home until 10:15 because I had to wait an hour for the train.

I guess its for the best that I'm not moving yet.. The management company was not very responsive. Getting the apartment/lease/credit check was an absolute nightmare. I am sad about losing the apartment. It was so cute - I really liked it. C'est la vie, I suppose.

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