Thursday, May 20, 2004

The weather today in Philadelphia is absolutely gorgeous. The sun is shining, it's about 75 degrees F, and there is very little humidity. I love days like this. If I could find a place that had days like this 200-300 days out of the year I would make it my new home!

My office is located on the edge of the historic district, right next to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. As I was walking around at lunch, I felt pretty lucky to work in a cool area. It's nice to be amongst all the history. I intend to take advantage of it all while I still can.

I've decided which apartment I want. Despite worries about the management, I'm going with my favorite 1-bedroom. The place is only 2 years old, so I don't expect to many problems. The other apartment, the loft, was $150 more per month, for slightly less space. One of my friends pointed out that it wasn't worth $150 per month to just to have management call you back immediately. I just might have to call them a couple times to get stuff taken care of. I'll put the deposit down tomorrow or Friday. Cross your fingers for me that no one else snaps it up.

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