Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I got my private loans squared away today, which allows me to mark one more thing off my massive to do list. I still need to apply for additional funds (I'm applying for one of those Education Maximizer loans from Bank of America) to help pay for my laptop, and bridge the gap in August and September. I had no idea until after I matriculated that we couldn't get our funds before the first day of school. I assumed that because preterm is required that financial aid was available then - WRONG. So if I want to be able to pay my rent in September and eat during pre-term, get books, etc., I'll need additional funds.

Speaking of laptops, I ordered a laptop and printer today. I decided to go with the IBM Thinkpad T42 and an HP Laser printer. It was hard clicking on that order button when I saw the total. But I guess it's a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. But it was a damn large drop.

So basically, once I get the financing taken care of, all I have to worry about are the details of my move to University City (changing my number, utilities, etc.) and my immunizations.

So with little more than a month before preterm, I have taken care of most of the little details. That has reduced my stress significantly.

T minus 35 days and counting...

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