Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In the first mailing Wharton sent, there were 3 self-assessment tests in math, statistics, and microeconomics. The tests are supposed to help you determine which pre-term classes to take. I took the stats and micro assessments and looks like I'll be in the Stats and Micro for Dummies classes. I couldn't remember anything more that what a standard deviation and the mean were in stats and the relationship between price, demand, supply, and quantity in micro. I did HORRIBLY on these tests, but it has been 11 years since I took stats or micro, so I don't feel too bad. I have no intention on trying to waive these classes so taking slower version doesn't bother me one bit.

I've decided to try to place into the accelerated financial accounting class. Although I'm not a CPA or a CFA, I feel like I have a solid financial accounting background. I know what a debit and a credit is, and I spend A LOT of time with financial audits in my current position. Even though I've always done well in accounting classes, I find these classes extremely boring, so any way to shorten the time spent studying the intricacies of financial statements is fine by me.

I'm avoiding taking the math test. The math test apparently requires that show that you understand limits, derivatives, and other calculus stuff. I took calculus two years ago in anticipation of business school, so I learned all that stuff recently. But since I never use it (ever) I have forgotten it. If you score low enough on the test, it is suggested that you take a calculus class over the summer. To avoid sitting through calculus in summer school (how much would THAT suck?), I've decided to review my class notes before taking the math test. It will be interesting to see how calculus is used in business school. I took a couple of finance classes in undergrad and I've done valuations and never needed calculus. Perhaps much of the financial theory is founded on calculus principles. I guess that's the whole point of going to school, so I can learn this stuff!

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