Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It seems my background check has run into a hiccup. I got an email from the MBA office yesterday, that started, "Kroll has been able to complete the verification process for all parts of your application, excluding..." A beginning like that can get the heart racing!

It turns out both my current and last employer wouldn't give out salary information. So now I have to dig up old tax returns and W2s showing my beginning and ending salary. While recent tax returns shouldn't be an issue, I started my last job in 1998. And I'm not certain where my 1998 tax return is. It's filed in one of my boxes, so I guess I'll have to dig around to find it.

I'm glad this is the only thing holding up my verification. I was beginning to worry that something serious was wrong. I knew I didn't lie or anything... but you never know what can go wrong.

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