Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yesterday, I made a trip down to Huntsman to get my email password reset. When I initiated my Wharton email account, I didn't realize there were two sets of passwords. I only wrote down one set - so until yesterday I didn't have full access to things like the facebook, Spike (the Wharton Portal), etc. Since I needed my password to register for pre-term as well as a slew of other tasks, I headed westward to Penn at lunchtime to reset the password.

Huntsman Hall was pretty quiet. There seemed to be a conference going on. I did pass Dean Harker in the hall, who I recognized from his pictures on the website.

After I got my password squared away, I headed up Locust Walk to 40th St to get a bite to eat. 40th St is interesting - it's like the place where two worlds collide. Penn ends and West Philly begins, so the people milling around were a mixture of students and community folks, which was cool. I guess that's what you get on an urban campus.

Being on campus made me want August 4th to hurry up and get here. Huntsman is huge - I got lost twice in the building - seriously. But I kept thinking that in a few months I would know the building like the back of my hand. I'm ready for that time to get here. Even though there are a million little details to take care of before school starts, I'm ready to meet classmates and ready get involved. I'm ready to learn. I ready to start the next chapter of my life.

T-minus 57 days...

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