Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I am slammed at work. I have a crap load of things to finish before I stop working full time at the end of the month. Part of the heavy work load is because, despite my warnings and hints during the last 2 years that other people should get trained on my various responsibilities, no one in the organization has the skills to do a lot of what I do. And a small part of heavy work load is because I've been spending lunch hours (and then some) looking for an apartment, filling out loan applications, etc. And I did my fair share of lollygagging. Well maybe more than my fair share. But when else am I going to find that cool new lamp for my apartment?

So it's all catching up to me, and now I have less than 3 weeks to finish more than a month's worth of work. And my weekend's are pretty much done. I'm traveling this week and the next couple weekends need to be dedicated to finish packing. (Isn't it amazing how quickly, "Well I have 3 months to pack" comes up and bites you in the ass. Ahhh procrastinating...)

Preterm starts in exactly 4 weeks. I can't believe everything starts in a month. I still need to deal with my immunizations, and I didn't adequately look into waiving classes. Although I'm too old to waive by credential (it seems you have to take the class within 5 years, and its been *cough*cough* more than 5 years since I've been out of undergrad), I can still try to test out of classes. I may try to test out of one or two classes. And I'm still unverified. Mainly because I haven't gone through my dusty files to find my old tax returns.

I thought I had all this time before school. I was lamenting that I wanted school to "start NOW". Well now I want time to slow down so I can handle my business. Ugh - that's what I get for lunchin' I suppose...

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