Thursday, July 01, 2004

MCI sucks.

I have had MCI local service for the last couple of years because they are about $10 cheaper than Verizon (the baby bell in Philly). It hasn't been smooth sailing - last year my phone started making this static-y noise (which I called about). And then after 2 weeks of noise on the line, my phone line stopped working. Completely. No dial tone, no nothing. After several calls, my service came back on after a week. And I didn't switch then - mainly because I was too lazy to go through the annoyance of changing my service. But I haven't had any problems since - until today.

I called MCI today to find out what I need to do to get a new W. Philly number. (Philly has regional toll calling so calling across town isn't automatically free - thus the need for a new number). So after about 15 minutes working with the representative, I asked if there was any charge to change my number (Verizon charges $12 for switching). The lady on the phone tells me it will be $66.85. That's right. 66 dollars and freaking 85 cents. I was floored. I made her repeat the price twice. Then I informed her that Verizon was willing to start a new line for me for $12 and I could just cancel my service. She then gives me this rehearsed, "I'm sorry that I cannot give you a better price" line. So I asked to speak to a manager. Not because I was pissed, but because I thought that I MUST not be communicating well if it's going to cost $66.85. So I asked the manager why they would charge me $66 to move. The manager explains that $66.85 is just a POSSIBLE charge if there something wrong with the line - if nothing goes wrong (and it usually doesn't) then the switch is free.

So I ask him if I can go ahead and set up the new number. Nope. Gotta wait until one month before the move, but it has to be within 3 weeks of the move. And I have to call on a Monday or Tuesday. That's right. There's a one week window to switch my number. No wait, it's not a week. It's a window of two friggin days. WHAT the hell?? I have NEVER been told by a utility that they only handle stuff like this on just two days of the week.

So I'm making the switch. MCI sucks.

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