Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This weekend, I went down to North Carolina to attend an event that introduces MBA admits to the world of Management Consulting and Investment Banking. There were quite a few other future Whartonites there; it was very cool to meet my future classmates, as well as people from other schools. I'm always humbled when I meet these incredibly intelligent and accomplished people headed to business school. It makes me wonder how I ended up in their ranks.

It was also funny to observe the culture of certain schools by watching groups of students at the event. Like Chicago students are INSANE and on some sort of stimulant; Stanford students are very laid back - and VERY accomplished, etc. I felt the most connection with the Wharton people though. Maybe I'm not an admissions mistake afterall!

Attending the event this weekend, was extremely eye-opening. Investment Banking recruiting is NO JOKE. These people expect you to have your shit together from day 1. There's seems to be lots of opportunities to screw yourself over when it comes to IB recruiting. You need to know this business intimately in order to be seriously considered for an interview.

There were a couple of positions that sounded interesting to me in IB. I was most interested in working in the Debt Capital Markets or in Corporate Finance. Hopefully sometime during this summer, I'll have the opportunity to do a couple of informational interviews. That's one more thing on my to do list... *sigh*

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