Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yesterday, I headed to the mechanic to get my state inspections done.  I thought I'd be there 1 hour tops.  Well, a whole work day and $650 later, I have begun to question the wisdom in allowing mechanics to inspect vehicles.  Shouldn't the people who inspect your car be prevented from making the required repairs?  Otherwise isn't there an incentive to tell the customer that she has $650 worth of repairs that must be done to the car for it to pass?  Even when my car was brand new, the inspector has required at least $200 worth of repairs.  Oh well.

I made the required trek to Ikea this weekend. My ex took some things with him when he moved out that needed replacing (like chairs, kitchen table), and it's always fun to get new stuff for a new place.  I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive some of the accessories and accoutrement that I got there were.  At least something this week cost less than I expected it to!
Tonight, I'm headed to Monk's Cafe to meet some of my classmates.  Monk's has FABULOUS mussels and a HUGE beer selection.    Their pomme frites (or should that be pomme de liberté?)  are also quite tasty.  So if you are in the area (about 16th and Spruce) around 6P, you should head over to Monk's to join us.

I've had a couple of "anxiety" dreams the last couple of weeks, all of them school related.  I've dreamed I couldn't go to class because I didn't have the right key to get into the classrooms.  I've dreamed that I failed because I forgot to go to class for an entire semester.  I also dreamed that I was in some musical revue that required hot pink, yellow, and orange tutus... I'm not sure what THAT one meant.  So I'm feeling nervously excited.  Preterm starts one week from tomorrow, I cannot believe it got here so quickly!  8 days and counting....

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